Bible Reading Tips

I have come to really enjoy doing my Bible reading in the mornings. It brings me great joy and fulfilment. I'm not a pro, no one is. But I have come across some resources and tips that can help you get motivated and get deeper into the Word.
I have a similar post here.

Now, I do believe that you shouldn't learn to rely on commentaries, study guides and devotionals. We should be able to study our Bibles without these things, but they can be helpful. I studied Genesis using this devotional from Newspring Church. It was good but when I started read Exodus I wanted to a deeper study.
I found a detailed study guide by David Guzik on Blue Letter Bible. I love it. He shows you some of the historical things you would never know otherwise. He has a guide for each book of the Bible. I highly recommend it and the other resources on BLB.

It helps to have highlighters that don't bleed through your pages badly and wreck your Bible.
You could either just go to your local stationery store and buy some good quality highlighters like Faber-Castell and gel highlighters or get highlighter made especially for Bibles.
The Daily Grace Co. has some beautiful ones that I have only heard good thing about. I'm aiming to get some soon.

This is a good app to try if you love memorizing bible verses or you want to start to memorize it.
I have tried it and I do recommend it.

Personally, I would use a different method but it has worked for some people.
Basically, you pick a verse and then type only the 1st letter of each word etc.

Visual Storytelling Meets the Bible
I have mentioned them before but I have to again.
The Bible Project has helped me a lot when it comes to studying the Word.
They have a little video for each book of the Bible giving you an overview of what to expect as well as word study videos and videos on biblical themes.

I absolutely love what they do and I would like to support them in the future. They are a non-profit organization and money you donate goes toward whatever video they're working on at that time.

Another thing that could help you stay on top of your Bible reading is having an accountability partner.
Find a friend and check in with each other to make sure both of you are reading your Bibles and praying daily.
I have never tried this but I think it would quite fun and helpful.

I don't know about you, but personally, I feel closer to God or more focused and connected when I do my quiet time outside, which to be honest isn't often.
Especially this time of year, the mornings are too cold and dark to do it in the garden.
Sometimes I like to pick up my Bible, pen and notebook and read some later in the day though so then would be a good time to get outside.
Plus, you get some fresh air!

Disclaimer: I do not do this but I want to work on it!

I believe and know that I should be opening and closing my devotional time in prayer but it often gets overlooked or forgotten.
"I don't have time", "Oops, I forgot", "Oh, I do it next time".
(Anyone else?)
I'd like my 'before' prayer to be just asking God to open my heart to his truths and to reveal Himself to me in the Scriptures and my ending prayer to be a prayer over my day.


If your Bible has large spaces/margins, that's great!
Utilize that space by writing some of your thoughts and note right next to the passage you just read.
If you have a smaller bible, like me, it doesn't have much room for notes. Sticky note to the rescue!

I sometimes write a short sentence or a few words in the white space at the bottom of my page but sticky note are my friends when it comes to this 'sticky' situation!

I hope and pray that these tips might help and inspire you in your quiet time.


My Thrifting Wishlist

random :)
It's a cloudy, chilly day, we're getting over a cold and I decided to write I little list of things I'm looking for when I go thrifting.
So without further ado...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
I always check the scarf racks at thrift stores because I'm trying to build a collection and they're always cheap. I make sure to see if it a label and what it's made of. Bonus if it's silk!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I mostly go for necklaces, earrings and brooches/pins. These are the kinds of jewellery that I wear the most. Plus it's cheaper than brand new stuff. Don't get me wrong though, brand new jewellery is often better.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Lately, I've been searching for long-sleeved tops now that it's cooler. I found a great cotton button down shirt last time I went, that I'm wearing right now. I'll also be keeping an eye out for t-shirts too though because it's often better to buy things offseason.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
I have gotten a few good skirts in the past few months. I do think that I shouldn't get too many skirts now and focus on the tops. I have bought some of my favourite skirts from the thrift shop. I often struggle to find ones that fit because I need a smaller size but sometimes I hit the jackpot!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Little dishes, vases, silverware, frames, all that stuff. I always peruse theses shelves in case I find some treasure. Frames sometimes have pretty prints in them. Litte dishes can serve as ring dishes.

Short and sweet today! I have some other great post ideas in mind for when I have more time.



Modest Fashion Inspiration Picks from Pinterest

Ahh, Pinterest! Filled with creative ideas and inspiration. I find a lot of fashion inspiration on there. I love to type in a piece of clothing(like silk scarf) and then see all the ways you could wear it.
Here's a link to my fashion board: Stylish

In today's post, I'm going to share some of my modest inspiration picks from Pinterest. I'll link the source of each photo underneath it for further info!

Inspiration #1
I really love this look. I plan to thrift a floral dress one day and transform it into a kimono 'jacket/cardigan'. I feel like they add some femininity to jeans.

Inspiration #2

A t-shirt, cardigan, and skirt topped off with a skinny belt around the cardi. I think it looks quite cute.
Also, I have never seen a cardigan so beautiful! Not sure about the colour but the birds are beautiful.

Inspiration #3

This idea is one I have tried myself and love. Throw on a simple tee, and add a shirt as a 'jacket'. I have worn this look a few times and it's definitely one of my favourite ways to wear a button-down shirt.

Inspiration #4
I'm generally not the type of person who wears a more 'sporty' outfit. But if I'm honest I love this look.
A nice vest jacket over a cozy jersey with a cap and ankle boots is an outfit I would love to try. Also modest and cute.

Inspiration #5
I am always looking for new ways to wear button-down shirts. This one is one I would love to try out. I normally wouldn't wear a necklace with a collar, but pearls and statement necklace seem to work well and look cute too.

Inspiration #6
None found
To be honest, this outfit reminds me of something the older Duggar or Bates girls would wear! A cargo jacket like this one is on my to-thrift list. Last month I found a denim skirt similar to this one that I love.

Inspiration #7
Maxi skirts are so great. Modest but also trendy and cute. Dressed up or down, they're a great modest wardrobe staple.
Long cardigans are a piece of clothing that I really like and want to have more of. They also help make an outfit more modest by covering the bottom area!

Inspiration #8
If you still want to wear that pretty summer dress in the colder months, simply add a long-sleeved layer under it. A shirt, a jersey or just a long-sleeved top.

Did that inspire to get creative with your clothes? Which outfit was your favourite?

Trying not to squeal!

So, um, the other night we watched this movie called 'The something...Showman' and it was sorta cool so I decided I should write a review on it.

No, really it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will try to express how much I loved it in words but... I just LOVED IT, OK!

I had heard a lot about it, a lot of my fellow bloggers were raving about it, singers I knew were recreating the songs from it and even Jordan Taylor was impressed.

Ladies and gents, I present, just a few of my million reasons for loving this movie!

Reason #1 as to why I love The Greatest Showman to bits:
All the songs are so cool! My personal faves are Rewrite the Stars and The Other Side, but really all of them are great. I found these posters on Pinterest and aren't they awesome! Back to the songs, most musicals make me just want to burst out in song with walking in town. This one definitely did that.
Been singing, listening to the soundtrack and having my thought replaced with the lyrics ever since last Friday night when we saw it.

Reason #2 as to why I love The Greatest Showman to bits:

I have to admit it. I do like Anne & Philip better than Phineas & Charity even thought P&C are great too. The 'Rewrite the Stars part is one of my favourite parts of the entire movie. I love their storyline and how they interact. And the whole trapeze things is quite 'different'.
I also love interracial couples (like in Belle or A United Kingdom). And who wouldn't like a man in suspenders?

Reason #3 as to why I love The Greatest Showman to bits:
It's so colourful, bright, shiny, sparkly and wonderful! The costumes are beautiful.
Hugh Jackman's red coat is amazing. The costumes range from weird to wonderful. But they all come together in a dazzling world of light and colour.

Reason #4 as to why I love The Greatest Showman to bits:

It's a musical, so of course, there is dancing. Lots of it. Phineas and Charity dance together. The show people dance, Caroline dances, and...Anne flies through the air. The movie isn't supposed to be historically accurate so the dancing isn't but it's still fantastic and vibrant.

Reason #5 as to why I love The Greatest Showman to bits:

They had an amazing cinematographer on this movie because all the scenes are shot perfectly. The light is always beautiful. It's just overall really well done.

Reason #6 as to why I love The Greatest Showman to bits:
Again, the costumes, especially Jenny Lind's dresses are stunning (running out of adjectives!).
Jenny Lind always wears big, amazing white dresses that suit her well. Charity has a flowy, soft, feminine style. All the show people have cool costumes too. Lettie(the bearded lady) has a dress with big waves of material around her legs that she swishes around when they sing and dance.

Reason #7 as to why I love The Greatest Showman to bits:
This scene is lovely. Charity has a pretty blue scarf that floats in the air behind her. It's also a recreation of a scene in the beginning when they were kids. I won't say anything else, otherwise, I'll spoil it for the poor souls who have not yet seen this brilliant movie, but it ends with a kiss. (Not the movie, the scene)

Reason #8 as to why I love The Greatest Showman to bits:
Though most of the quote-worthy lines come from the songs, there are others which the characters say between the singing and dancing. These two are ones that I liked.
"Men suffer more from imagining too little than too much." --Phineas Barnum
"You don't need everyone to love you, Phin. Just a few good people!" --Charity Barnum

And those are just some of the reasons. There are others but I can't think of them right now. I overall just loved it and now I know what all the hype was about.
This will be on my list of top favourites for sure!

Have you seen it? What is your favourite song from The Greatest Showman?

I ♥ autumn tag

While spring is in on the other side of the globe, autumn is kicking in here. Autumn is nearly my favourite season.
So I had to do an autumnal tag! Or you could call it an excuse to show you my favourite autumnal pins from Pinterest!

I think just seeing the first hint of orange or red on the trees. That and when we light the first fire!

Chai! Cinnamon, chai, vanilla, anything that smells cozy and makes me want to snuggle up with a cup of tea.

Neutral, earthy, warm tones all make me think of autumn. But my favourite would probably have to be burnt orange. Or maybe darker red.

 Chai tea/vanilla chai tea/rooibos chai or Teeccino Maya Chai. Anything chai flavoured!

I have Victoria Season 2 on my list along with The Crown Season 2 and Little Women. But we'll basically watch whatever. 

Plaid/tartan patterns. I have a plaid thrifted dress which just screams autumn to me! I really love it and I plan on wearing it a lot.

Going for a walk in the crisp autumn air is quite nice. Collecting little bits and pieces form a nice walk is great too. I collected some beautiful leaves yesterday and now they're pressing inside some books.

I swapped the original question 8 for my own, which is this. The books I hope to read in autumn are My Cousin Rachel by Daphne du Maurier, The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien, I Never Promised You A Rose Garden by Hannah Green and Cranford by Elizabeth Gaskell.

Have a lovely spring/autumn!